American Girl Dolls Shine On. Enter to Win a Free American Girl Doll!

For the last five years, American Girl Dolls have been a big part of my family’s life. Every holiday, birthday, road trip, etc. there was an American Girl Doll book, outfit, story, movie…. I know those girls almost as well as my own! So when I was asked to be a Parent Partner for the American Girl Shine On charitable initiative, I happily agreed! I’m also thrilled to be giving away a doll to one of my readers. Sort of like passing the torch. Great fundraiser, great product, great giveaway! So here’s what it’s all about:

Shine On Now harnesses the collective power of girls to help others in need. Through Shine On Now, American Girl is calling on girls across the country to help the company give up to $1 million in clothes, books, dolls, and money to the following four organizations: Kids in Distressed Situations, National Association of Children’s Hospitals and Related Institutions, National Wildlife Federation, and Save the Children.

Starting now, girls can become official American Girl Ambassadors at and inspire other girls to join the Shine On Now effort. As ambassadors, girls will receive a free, downloadable tool kit filled with fun and actionable tips and ideas for fund-raising, volunteering, or donating to the four worthy charities participating in Shine On Now, or wherever they see an opportunity to make a difference.

On July 13, 2010, girls can go to and put their collective efforts to powerful use. Visitors can contribute up to 100 free stars each day to help American Girl reach its goal of collecting one million stars by the end of the program on July 31, 2010. If the target is reached, American Girl will donate its maximum gift of $1 million in clothes, books, dolls, and money to the four designated charities.

Here are some memorable American Girl Doll Moments in my life: Birthday parties at the store, and the view my daughters wake up to, EVERY DAY. Apologies for the doll nudity by the way. I decided to go authentic and not pose or dress the dolls on their (predictably!) messy shelf. This is just a part of their lives.

American Girl is about to take things one step further however, with new  customizable My American Girl dolls and an online world for girls to interact, learn, play  and explore. American Girl is also launching a brand-new virtual campus, Innerstar University™. Access to the new virtual world comes with each 18-inch My American GirI™ doll.

Sound like fun to you? Do you know of an awesomesauce little girl who would be thrilled to be one of the first kids to get one of these new dolls? Then you have come to the right place. I’m giving one away!

Here is how to enter (1 primary entry):

Leave a detailed comment on this post telling me all about your special little girl. I want to know why you think she deserves to win, how she helps others in the community, and what the doll would mean to her. We want to hear about girls who really makes a difference! On July 24th I will select five finalists, and write a second post, telling you more about each of the girls. One winner will be selected and announced on July 31st.

Note: Please do not provide specific identifying details about girls nominated, such as name & location. If you are seconding a nomination for a specific child who has already been nominated, please refer to the original commenter’s post.

Here is the only way to get extra entries (Note: You must make a primary entry first):

  • Get your friends & family to comment on this post, after your comment, and to  second your nomination! (one entry per unique commenter)

Karma Points:

Here is how to get good karma (and possibly some official secondary nominations/entries for your girl). These actions don’t count as official entries, but they will help spread the word about your nomination and this awesome initiative. What can I say? I believe in Karma!

Disclosure: I have not been paid to be a part of this initiative. American Girl is providing me with a My American Girl doll for review purposes and one to give away to my readers.


  1. says

    Such a great contest! What girl doesn’t want an American Girl doll? Okay, I’m sure there are some that don’t, my girl sure does! I already tweeted this, btw! I will have to think about entry and come back later.

  2. Tami says

    My daughter has a very kind heart. She does all the things you would think she should do: share, raise $ for the food bank, donate her old toys and clothes, collect pennies for Haiti, etc. But, recently her kindness really stood out. My daughter has been saving for many many months for our first trip to the American Girl store. She sold many old toys. She even sold her Addy doll to a friend who wanted her desperately, but couldn’t afford a new one. She’s done yucky chores and chosen to do without book order books and other treats to have the money for her “Lanie fund”. She made a savings poster with pictures of all the Lanie things she ‘wished’ to buy and has kept track of every penny saved. We decided to invite her cousin to come to the AG store with us in July. Problem…her cousin doesn’t have any AG dolls, but would love one. When I mentioned that it might be hard for her cousin to go with us, and not be able to take a doll home, my daughter quickly decided to share the money she’d worked so hard and obsessed over earning so that her cousin could buy her very first American Girl doll. I still get teary eyed thinking of her looking at that Lanie poster and realizing her kindness would mean several somethings she desperately wanted would have to come off. But, she has never wavered and I know the two girls will have a BLAST sharing that moment with each other. I’ve always been proud of my daughter’s kind heart, but she really showed her character when she chose to do without to help someone ‘in need’. Thanks for having this fun contest. Regardless of whether she wins, it will be nice to print this out and share it with her. I sometimes forget to tell her how proud I really am.

  3. says

    My “American Girl” Anya is four years old but already knows about recycling and the importance of not littering. She visited a Habitat for Humanity building site with her preschool class and since then has been telling us that not everyone is fortunate enough to have a home. She also loves to sing “I can fix the world, let’s do tooka rum” which is actually supposed to be the Hebrew phrase “tikkun alum” which means to repair the world.

    Anya would love an American Girl doll because she loves dolls and being a big sister and best friend. In the last few months, her imagination has exploded and she will have half hour long conversations between her silly bandz or books. I know she’d love to have a big girl doll to play with and talk to.

    Here’s the real song:
    I’m gonna fix the world, Tikkun Olam…
    together it won’t take long, let’s do Tikkun Olam.
    I’ll be the one to start the repair.
    Think and act “green” but don’t just stop there
    Reduce, reuse, recycle, keep everything green,
    I just wanna be green, I just wanna be green…
    – Sheldon Low, from the album, It’s All Challah to Me (

  4. says

    What a wonderful initiative! I love American Girl dolls and hope to one day get one for Julia and Sophia.

    I’m sure you will receive many nominations for very deserving girls and I look forward to reading about them.

    My Julia is only five years old and has not yet met American Girl. She is such a sweet soul and I know will one day do wonderful and amazing things.

  5. says

    My Little Miss isn’t quite five yet, but she has a huge heart. Whenever we talk about people less fortunate than ourselves, she immediately runs to find toys and clothes to donate to “them” (we frequently aren’t talking specifics, but we always find a good home for her items) – and I don’t mean the ones she never plays with or doesn’t like. She gets the point that you have to give things you would want to receive, which I love.

    She is also very protective of people. She attends a special needs and at risk preschool and always seems to adopt the kids who don’t have many friends. She simply grabs their hands and pulls them with her into a game. And then she comes home and talks about how she wants each and every one of them to come to her house to play and details what we’re going to do with them. She has a huge heart and never wants to see anyone sad, which is a trait I certainly hope to foster as she grows older.

  6. says

    Oops, I forgot to mention what this would mean to her. As I stated, she loves to adopt people as her friends, and she does the same thing with her stuffed animals. She does everything with them and treats them like real people, caring for them as she would a child. Having an American Girl doll that aactually looks like a *real* girl would be huge for her in being able to pour her love into something that looks like her, another connection showing that she’s special and recognized and should keep her heart open as she grows older.

  7. says

    My 7 year old has a lovely heart. She is kind and compassionate. When a friend is sad, she comforts her and asks what’s wrong. When she hears someone needs help, she asks what she can do.

    When she and my son raised money for the people of Haiti. They emptied their piggy banks and didn’t ask what they could buy with the money, but where they could send it.

    My daughter treats her younger brother with respect. She cheers for him when he learns a new skill and hugs him when he cries.

    She’s quiet, my daughter. And she doesn’t expect anything in return. She does these things because they’re the right thing to do.

    That’s why I think it would be so wonderful to surprise her with an AG doll.

  8. Morag Herbert says

    We are a Scottish family living in the States for a year and I am proud of my daughter Louisa (age 7) for becoming a real life “American Girl”.

    I don’t just mean learning to cheerlead and make s’mores (although she does love both). Throughout its history, America has always been marked by its unique sense of responsibility to uphold the rights and equality of everybody. I am proud of the fact that Louisa has absorbed this amazing lesson.

    In the past couple of months, she has written a letter to President Obama ( with her suggestion to help make life better for everyone, she has held a lemonade stall to raise money for sick children, and taken an active interest in protecting marine life. She says she would like to be a princess so she can make laws to help the planet.

    She may not get to be a princess (though fingers crossed!), but I have no doubt she will make a difference in the world in years to come. She already makes a huge difference in our life every day.

  9. Kristen M. says

    My daughter (who just turned 9), is a girl with a big heart. She is accepting of others and doesn’t care much about outward appearances or circumstances. Part of our family mission is to love our community. We volunteer by tutoring refugee students at a local elementary school. My daughter and son help too. (In fact, sometimes I NEED my daughter’s help, especially with math – they don’t teach math the same way they did when I was in school!) I love that this simple act of kindness demonstrates that (1) you don’t need special skills to volunteer, (2) you don’t need to wait until a certain age, and (3) you don’t need a lot of time to make a big difference in another persons life. Even better is that my daughter’s world view is being challenged and she is learning how to respond the needs around her.

  10. says

    My daughter, Leigh, is a wonderful smart girl who is 11-years old. She loves American Girl dolls and everything they stand for. She is very helpful in the kitchen assisting me as a work at home mom. She is a wonderful driven little girl, with straight A’s in school. She dances competitively, and she has just received the opportunity to compete and learn a “lyrical” dance solo next year.

    Leigh loves animals and helps at a local veternarian’s office giving shots to animals, cleaning up, watching surgeries etc. She wants to be a Vet when she grows up.

    She has a friend who was ill with SMA a few years ago, and assisted her at school and was very helpful. She has a warm heart and bright smile and is a very wonderful daughter.

  11. says

    My Little girl helps the community by being the craziest, sweetest little 2 year old! Her smile is contagious and her laugh is infectious. You can’t help but have a smile on your face after talking to her, which in turn is a bonus for the community….happy people means happy community!

  12. says

    the shine on now initiative sounds amazing!

    i have a house full of boys and sadly no american girl dolls! BUT i loved dolls as a child and am a huge fan of the american girl brand! and….i have lots of nieces!

  13. Carrie Watson says

    As all the other writers here nominated very deserving girls, I too would like to nominate my daughter. She is 9, going on 13, going on 35! We recently lost my Dad at the age of 58, who we have lived with since my daughter was 10 months old, to a very fast growing cancer a year ago and through the entire whirlwind process, she was a strong and amazingly beautiful soul. She reminded me that God was protecting “Poppy” through the unknown journey and had complete faith that all would work out. Last weekend, my mother, age 57, suffered a heart attack. The doctors were able to put in a stint, but were suprised that she is still with us due to the extensive blockage and damage to her heart. Due to this, we had to cancel our summer vacation that we take every year and change many things about our lifestyle, including diet, excercise, etc. My daughter was dissapointed at first, but took it all in stride, reminding me that “family comes first” and as long as we are together, life is good. I know I have had an extremely difficult time this past year, but it is the kindness and spirit of my 9 year old who has the wisdom of a great-grandparent reminding me what is important. I absolutely love this kind side of her. However, I am nominating her for this because I want her to remember that she is also a 9 year old little girl! I never want her to lose the beautiful, kind soul that loves to volunteer at a local food bank, take in abused and neglected animals and help out family, but I also want her to not grow up too fast. I hope she always remembers to celebrate the little girl she was, the beautiful young lady she is now, and the amazing young adult she will become.

  14. Tamra says

    Meet Alysa, an American Girl. Alysa is only 7 and is already someone I look up to in many ways. First grade was a good year for her, with many ups and downs and lessons on life. Before school started, she had found an American Girl doll which needed some serious TLC at a second hand store. She set out to save her money to send her to the doll hospital. At Christmas time she became very aware of a little girl in her class who was going to have a very tough Christmas. Many kids this age are only worried about what they are going to get for Christmas, however Alysa was worried about what this other little girl was going to get. Alysa decided that she couldn’t sit back and do nothing, so she got this little girl a present using some of her money she had saved.
    When the earthquake hit Haiti, my sweet daughter brought home a list of supplies needed to make hygiene kits to send to Haiti. Once again, sitting back was not an option. We went to the store and got the supplies needed to make hygiene kits. She was so excited to pick out toothbrushes and washcloths and all the other supplies. Her heart was very touched by how hard of a time those children must be having and she was excited that she had found a small way to help them.
    Another project she was thrilled to help with was making dolls for an orphanage in Africa. I sewed the dolls and clothes and she helped stuff them and lovingly dressed them and made sure they looked perfect for a little girl to love.
    Whenever she earns money, she gives a part of it to our church to help those in need. She has passed up many opportunities for fun because she noticed someone was alone and chose to spend time with them instead. She is a friend to everyone and has a very kind heart.
    There are not many things in life that my little American Girl would like, but one of them is an American Girl doll that looks like her. To earn one through this contest would be extra special because it would always be a symbol of love and service, which is how she tries to live her life.

  15. says

    I tend not to enter these contests but my daughter is a special girl whom I love dearly. She’ll be six in a few weeks. She is daddy’s girl and I make no excuses for it.

    She makes me cards, reads stories to me and likes to do my hair. In between all that she does all the normal little girl stuff and works hard to keep her baby cousin amused.

    She looks like a doll- just a very sweet child who would love one of these American Girls to show up for her birthday.

  16. Darcie Kayes says

    My daughter is amazing. When I was diagnosed with cancer, my 9 year old wanted to do something special for other kids whose parents were going through treatments. She started a toy drive in the community and dropped them off at the local cancer center. She is currently involved in hockey, dance, cheer and girl scouts. This would be an amazing win for us because I cannot afford to buy her one and she would love it so much.

  17. says

    We adopted my second oldest daughter (now 10) two years ago. She is such a sweet girl who has had to deal with a lot in her young life. At ten she is still a kid, but since she has gone through such a rapid growth spurt and she is entering teenagerhood way to soon. She still likes dolls, but she loves music too. Torn between two worlds you might say! She would really get into this new American Girl doll I believe because it has the computer aspect to it. She loves her Josephina doll and takes very good care of it.


  18. salomey says

    dear friend,
    i think my daughter deserves it because she is really nice she always helps people if she see’s a homeless person by the store she gives them her own money she only has one american girl doll but now she has zero because she saw a poor family one day and gave each one of them 20 dollers with her own money and there was a little girl about 6 years old to and she gave the girl her american girl doll so that is how she has zero now i tell har not to go to strangers or th talk to them but she always wants to help people.
    thank you for reading this.

  19. Jessica says

    I would like to nominate my 8 year old daughter. She is a beautiful, amazing girl who will help anyone who is in need of help. My husband and I are both active duty military members and we have to go away for deployments, training, etc quite often. So when other kids’ parents are deployed, etc, she knows what they are feeling, etc and will be there to listen to their worries/concerns or just there to give them a hug. She is also very into recycling and will pick up trash whenever she sees it on the ground. She also does very well in school and will help her little sister out whenever she needs it.

  20. says

    Ciaran, thank you so much for your participation as a Shine on Now Parent Partner! The slideshow of American Girl moments was adorable! -Stephanie Spanos, American Girl

  21. Soha Molina says

    I nominate my daughter. She is a wonderful, beautiful person. She works very hard at school, is wonderful to her friends and is an example to her peers as far as the way she treats others. She always encourages her friends who might doubt themselves and takes under her wings those kids who are teased by others. I am very proud of the person my daughter is. She truly deserves to win an American Girl doll of her own as she embodies the spirit of The Shine on Now campaign.

  22. says

    I would like to win this for my daughter. She is still too young to volunteer in her community but she is a great help to her daddy, mommy and brother. She has a strong love and compassion for animals. I hope that if she were to win, the doll would serve as a reminder to her to help others.

  23. Jeane says

    Three years ago, my son and his wife joined with other friends and started up Walk Now for Autism, Sacramento. Their daughter, Collette, who is autistic, thinks this is great and has participated in both walks held so far. She wants everyone to walk. When she sees relatives or family friends..she asks them to walk with her. (Especially us grandparents…we get asked multiple times!) She invited her whole kindergarten class..thought it was like a birthday party. And will probably do it again next fall when she is in first grade.

    And it is such great fun to do the walk together with 7000+ people who have opened their hearts and checkbooks to help people like our Collette. So, come, walk with Collette’s Crusaders as she leads us on her third fun Walk in October.

  24. Lisa H. says

    My daughter is only 6 years old but has an amazing spirit and an even bigger heart. She inspires me every single day. She was born with a rare genetic skin condition that requires daily care and leaves her unable to sweat. Because of this, she spends nearly every waking moment in the house. She takes everything in stride and is always there with a smile. She adores animals and people. She reminds me constantly to be “good to the earth” by turning lights off and turning the water off when it’s not in use. She helps with every single thing she is able to in our home and spends a great deal of time loving on her pets. She has more compassion than I could ever imagine in a 6 year old. She is truly one of the kindest souls I’ve ever known. Having a new doll this summer would make this summer amazing for her. She doesn’t get to play outside because she can’t sweat and she spends a lot of her time playing with her American Girl dolls. This would just be a fantastic surprise! Thank you for this opportunity!!

  25. Lisa H. says

    I also forgot to mention that my daughter is an American Girl Ambassador at and has donated 100 stars every day thus far. She plans to continue doing that until the goal is reached!

  26. Heather says

    I would like to second Jeane’s nomination of our daughter Collette. She has made such great progress with in-home therapy. She mainstreamed kindergarten last year with great success. Looking forward to the Walk for Autism, Sacramento in October. (nomination made on July 15, 5:07 pm)

    Jeane’s email jcamp2020 at aol dot com

  27. Michele Flaherty says

    My daughter just turned four years old. She sang in church today and helped with the offering. She has come to me spontaneously several times and asked if she could give a special toy to one of her visiting friends. She loves to meet new people and play with anyone and everyone. I am so proud of her open and welcoming spirit. While she is still a little young to participate in many organized volunteer organizations, we are working in that direction. Every year we ask her friends to donate art supplies to the local moms club ( instead of bringing presents. She has visited the local animal shelter to play with animals and love them for a few minutes, so they are not alone all day.

    Her most recent obsession is telling everyone that they are THE BEST mom, dad, friend, or “stephen” (eg) in the world. Well, she tells my husband that he is the best daddy in the whole wide CITY. That is just too cute to correct. *smile*

    While I certainly don’t want her to grow up too fast. I can’t wait to know the person that she is destined to be. I am so happy that she is my child. I can’t wait to see the good that she is going to bring into this world.

  28. Michele Flaherty says

    I forgot to add that we are collecting material to make some special pillow cases for kids in the children’s hospital network that is supported by ShineOn.

    My daughter is going to use fabric paint to special designs on some of them. We are going to organize this as event for several of her friends to participate in. She can’t wait to make a pillow that will make someone feel better!

  29. Kimberly says

    I would like to second the nomination made by Jeane for her grand-daughter and my neice, btw. She is a great girl who has made great strides with the help of family, friends, and teachers. She is a hard worker. She is also a great cousin to my boys. Likes to play “Pre-school” with them..and she is the teacher, of course. But my boys don’t mind..because she reads them books and then turns the book so they can see the pictures…just like her teacher did in kingergarten. Who knew that reading could be so much fun!

    She invited us all to do the Walk Now for Autism, Sacramento with her. And we did. She even let me help her to design our team shirts. Will do it again next October.. Pink shirts next year!

  30. Trenda Plunkett says

    I would like to nominate my eleven year old daughter to win this adorable doll. She is a huge fan of American Girl and saw these dolls in the recent catalog from the company. She loves the idea of playing with one of the dolls online too.

    She has been an active Girl Scout since she was five years old. She’s grown into quite an amazing leader in her troop, and when the girls are brainstorming ideas for projects, my daughter inevitably suggests and/or supports something that helps others: donating items to the pediatric ward at a local hospital, planting flowers and trees in the community, collecting items for the food shelter, etc. I am so proud of her empathetic and caring personality and her ability to follow through with plans to help others.

    tren73 [at] gmail [dot] com

  31. says

    I would like to nominate my 6 year old daughter, Rachel. Rachel is a sweet little girl who has a tender heart. She can’t stand to see someone hurting or suffering, especially me. I had an accident 3 years ago which resulted in a nerve disorder that has made me unable to walk and keeps me in pain 24/7/365. Rachel is always beside me to help in any way she can. She holds doors for me so I can maneuver in my wheelchair. She picks up things I have dropped, gets the mail for me, brings me snacks, takes care of the dog, and the list goes on and on and on. She comforted me when I had to retire from teaching after 14 years. She told me: “Even if you can’t go to your big school and teach the kids there, you can always teach me at home. See, you are still a teacher, my teacher.” What words of wisdom! I am continually amazed at how blessed I am to have this beautiful young lady as my daughter! She is definitely deserving of an American Girl Doll!

  32. Ryan says

    I would like to second the nomination for Alysa, submitted by Tamra. I am so proud of her and would love to see her get this doll. She is such a kind girl and is always thinking of others. I am proud to be her daddy and am blessed to have her in my life every day.

  33. Andy says

    I am so grateful to know the American Girl in my life – my best friend’s daughter. She recently discovered that her grandmother had cancer, even though they were trying to hide it from her. Kids can be so perceptive. Anyway, her first reaction was to give her a hug. Her second reaction? She wanted to help. And help, she certainly did. She organized a “Mommy and Me” tea for breast cancer awareness. We helped her with the finer details, but she selected the menu, decorated and passed out fliers, and helped raise a VERY generous amount of money to donate to breast cancer research.
    She is very giving of her money, as well. She gives most of the money she receives to the Shriner’s children’s hospitals, to Haiti disaster relief, the food shelter, and to church. The money she keeps for herself usually goes into buying presents for her friends for Christmas. She wants to make sure everyone can be taken care of, and her motto in life is (as she says), “Do I really NEED this?”
    Her love of others doesn’t just extend to humans, either.
    For example: There is a pet store in our community that has recently come under fire for doing bad (and sometimes fatal) things to the animals. This troubled her so much and of course she was inspired to help the animals, too! She often goes to the local animal shelter and plays with the animals, making sure they get lots of love (and bugging the employees about whether or not the dogs have had enough food to eat that day! lol)
    This child has not met a creature she doesn’t love, whether it be human or animal. When we travel to the big city nearby, she brings food and bottles of water to give to the homeless people that are all too overabundant. She provides a very loving and generous example to everyone she encounters, including myself. I might add, she has motivated us old folk to get involved rather than sit on the sidelines and let life happen. Instead, we want to live a life worth loving!
    This doll would be a very special way for us to show her that she is appreciated in her efforts to make our world a better place, and I very humbly ask that you would consider her for this very generous prize.

  34. Melanie says

    I would like to “third” the nomination for Alysa posted by Tamra. She is an amanzingly sweet girl and so willing to always help out. She truly deserves a chance to have her own American Girl doll and I know she would cheris it.

  35. Remee says

    I am writing about my daughters, Anna and Riley, who are the personification of the “American Girl” of today. They are mixed-race, twin girls who, at 5.5 years old, continually show people what it means to be a “citizen of the world.” I could talk about how they are excellent students, talented dancers and gymnasts, and care for those around them (sending cards to people who are sick, singing songs for people [random strangers included] to cheer them up, attracting, friending and caring for those [non-visible and visibly] terminal/chronically ill people, etc). BUT I’ll keep it short and talk about the fact that during the last school year, the girls formed a “Garbage Team” (complete with theme song) at school where they and their friends would take recess time to clean up the school – picking up garbage/litter throughout the campus. They aren’t told to pick up – they just feel the need to take care of the world in which they live. On many occasions they come home with litter they “found” while they were out at play or on a walk. Often, they can be found talking with their friends (and adults) about taking care of their environment and the earth, “It’s important to care for our planet, so ‘she’ doesn’t get sick.”

    Words cannot express how much receiving an American Girl doll/s would mean to the girls. As an example of how much they “WANT” an American girl doll, when the new catalog arrived, Anna, took the catalog, combed through it cover to cover, slept with it, took it with her everywhere, then eventually took a pen and circled everything she “wanted.” As I watched her circle the different things, she looked up and said, “Mommy, I know they’re expensive, and I won’t get one, but I just love looking at them (catalog); they’re just so beautiful.” To this day, she still carries the dog-eared catalog with her.

  36. LaDonna Carver says

    I would be HONORED to vote for the little girl in Andy’s life. It is so sweet that he/she took the time to nominate someone else’s child. This child seems so sweet, generous, and I agree: a great example. Good luck to all the kind Amercan Girls nominated! I was going to nominate my daugterm but after reading the comments, I think my 5yo might not appreciate this doll as much as an older child that “earned” it. Love to you all!

  37. Alexandra says

    My six year old daughter is already the perfect role model for everyone. She has a great attitude! She is very caring and loving and puts others always first. She is truly a sunshine to have!

    Thanks for doing this!

  38. Rose says

    I second my nieces getting a doll – Anna and Riley. They brighten up a room. They used to come to my office quite a bit when they were little and became the office “mascots” for our company. The CEO looked forward to them coming to the office and everyone enjoyed the fun and lightness they brought in the middle of the day. A welcome break from the work day.

  39. Pinkpig99 says

    Megan lives in the uk and would love to live in Amrica.She has always wanted a amrican girl doll and it would make her dream of living in amrica a tiny bit more relestic.she is 11 years of age and has a difacalet life.her parents have recanlet dovorced and she is now doing a lot of test at i would love tosee her with a amrican girl doll.

  40. Cadey says

    hi! I’m actully a big sister and my little sister has been dying for one and for her birthday i was willing to get one. But where am i going to get the money from? i hope to win so i have my little sister a present. By the way my parents know! thanks

  41. Justingirl2244 says

    My daughter wan’ts one so bad she even dreams about them.We were going to order one for her but unfortunaly we don’t live in America.She has made stuff for the doll all ready but she have a doll for all of it.It would mean the world to her if she one the doll.

  42. Hildahurtado78 says

    i would like to win the american girl doll because ive ben wanting to get one for like for ever and my dad and mom dont want to buy me one because there to expencive and cant save up for one because if i sell stuff to people i might get shy and if i do chores in the house i dont get paid and i dont have an allowenceso i really hope i win the american girl doll

  43. lexiasdffgghhgh143 says

    Hi my daughter wanted one since 2009 she make clothes and furniture for it also she made a house for them. If she got one shell be sooo happy shell probably cry. she almost cryed when i said she had to wait so plese give it to her shell probaby wanna call you and thank you soo please and she donsent know its a special little secret

  44. says

    My daughter Catherine, helps out in the community for example: Last year she picked up 3 bags of trash around town, she visit senior centers, donates to animal shelters, gives the animal shelter blankets and toys for the animals. She already has an American Girl doll but she really badly wants a friend for the American Girl doll she already has. She is a really nice 10-year-old and she would be delighted to have an American Girl doll. Thanks you. Sincerely,
    A Mom

  45. Anna says

    My two little girls would love to have a new doll!!! Both my children are always up in their rooms for hours and hours playing games, making clothes with their american girl dolls. On e of my daughter toke a corner of her room and made an american girl habitat for her and her sisters dolls!!! All my older daughter ever thinks about is american girl dolls. Thats all she talks about to me!!! If they got that free american girl dolls I think they’d be the happiest children in the world!!!

    My daughters are so crazy about american girls that once my younger daughter came up to me and said, ” Last night I dreamed about playing american girls!!! It was so fun!!” Now can you see how obsessed they are. That would make their world if they won it.

  46. Anna says

    Did I mention that once one of my daughters lent her american girl doll for a couple weeks to a girl who had never gotten an american girl doll and REALLY REALLY wanted one.

  47. jesse_is_my_little_girl says

    Hi my daughter has been wanting an american girl doll since she was 7; 4 years. I told her i couldn’t get her one because her medicine for cancer was too costly. So she changed her room into an american girl doll themed room with pictures up and everything. So for her to win the american girl doll, it would mean the world to her. Please pick my daughter.

  48. candybay says

    my sister wants one to we can’t afford one it took my three years of saving up with no christmas pesent xept money no birthday presens either my sister would really like one i hope i win! so i can give it to her!!

  49. kaitlyn s. says

    Since Katina came from Haiti and found out about American Girl she’s been a huge fan and would love to have a doll! Since the earth quake in Haiti she has been helping her family there survive by sending them money, clothes, and food. She even started her own business making and selling hair accessories. She is currently raising money to build a new house for her family!

  50. americangirlgymnastrocks says

    My sister would love an american girl doll she deserves it but we can’t afford it because she has to get retainers and she is a gymnast and wins almost every meet she also has a dog named emma wich is a bulldog. she deserves this so much she has wanted one ever since we moved here from arkansas.

  51. Triciatalbert says

    i have two american girl dolls and i loved them both my mom is taking me to the american girl store to get marie grace and i am getting ruthie

  52. Chelsea says

    Hi, I have been wanting a American doll since I was 6 years old! All my friends have got one but me, I always feel left out when they talk about them! I would be the happiest girl ever! It would mean everything to me if I had one of the cutest dolls in the world! It would be a dream come true if you pick me!
    Thank you.

  53. Selinaforrest says

    HHi my name is selina. I want an American girl doll because my mom cant buy me one cause we are saving money for a house and i get to get my own room this time. But i always pretend that the dolls are my kids so i will take great care of her. My dad li. But ive been sves in Kentucky but we live in Kansas and he cant pay for me one because he needs to get his truck fixed. I hope i win. Thank you for reading.

  54. Guest says

    Hi my daughter has been wanting an american girl doll since she was 7. Me and my exhusbnd when’t through a terible devorce when she was 8. She was heartbroken. she is curently helping her school to stop bulling and child hunger. We coud never aford one since so i think nows the perfect chance. I know she would be really greatfull if she won.

  55. Jen says

    Hi, My daughter’s name is Marie, and she has never had something all to herself, you see, her dad died fighting last year, and I miss him very much.We have been having money trouble with money, We don’t have alot, and my daughter can not find a job to do. Yet, She has been helping with dishes, folding clothes, cleaning, and i want to repay her for her love!:)

    Thank You

  56. Desteiny says

    Hi i wish my little sister zoey could win an american girl doll because she’s a huge fan. we could never aford one because we’retrying to save up to move to our new house in north dakota. our dog blue is very sick and is going to be put down soon and this will also take her mind of of him. thanks.

  57. Luvbugjess says

    i would love one my family cant afford it we can bearily pay for food sorry im spelling wrong im nine and iv made things for her but i dont have one please pick i hope i win

  58. Briannagilreath says

    every sence i first layed my eyes on an american girl doll i just knew i had to get one i cry every night for one please i need one please i am crying right now and i cry every day :(

  59. vivian sanders says

    My daughter loves American girls and she is also raising money for the homeless and for animals she is preparing for a real tennis match and I really think this will incourage her because she keeps telling me that she is scared and a American girl doll will really inspire her in every way it would mean the world to me and my daughter if you pick her to win

  60. haler says

    I need a american gril doll vary bad i dont care which one it is i jist onent one if it is not
    a brown one.

  61. Blah says

    I have an American girl doll it is so worthet💝 it is amazing I got one on Christmas. You should get it:) it comes with a outfit I have a hiking outfit and a ballet outfit

  62. grciela says

    Hi my daughter wants a american ssince she was 6,7,8 and how do i get it call my number at (262)777-6492

  63. grciela says

    Hi my daughter wants a american girl doll wen it was her birthday and she wants one so bad li and we wer going to ordor one but we do not know and can some one help me how to get a american girl doll my phone number is (262)777-6492