Hair of My Dreams: Keratin Treatment from Coppola

I’ve been told at least a hundred times by friends and family that I “need” to try a Brazilian Blowout, keratin treatment, straightening treatment. I’ve heard stuff like “it will change your life” and “you won’t believe it…”

In fact I’ve been told so many times that I’ve resisted just on principle.  Maybe I’m contrary. Or a purist.  But it’s kind of weird at a certain point when the peer pressure gets slathered on so thick. Like having people “psst” you in the schoolyard. “try a hit… you’ll feel sooo good…”

In retrospect, I get it. I mean, people saw me and my “big bar hair” (as friend and fellow blogger Yvonne likes to call this sort of headfluff) and they just wanted to help, to stage some sort of hair intervention.

That’s a rather moppish pic of me from last summer at Seaworld, with Rebecca Woolf of Girl’s Gone Child. My hair is about twice the size of her entire person. Hmmm… There’s an ironic connection there because Rebecca does fabulous Five Minute Makeovers with Sarah James of Hair Thursday and Sarah is the one who convinced me, finally, to go see Tera at Tek Salon & Spa and do the deed.

Here’s the thing about Sarah. She has the worlds most gorgeous hair and is so sweet and kind you just have to trust her. Suddenly what seemed like a possibly dangerous, chemically addictive lark, coming from her, seemed like a medical necessity. She’s no pusher. She’s like a nurse. From the Brunette Cross. A volunteer on the front lines of bad hair. An angel of mercy, truly concerned about my follicular well being.

Suddenly it all made sense. Of course I had to get keratin. It’s for my health. All those hours blowdrying, flat ironing, all those toxic products, my inability to travel without a separate suitcase full of styling tools and products. The sleepless nights spents wondering if I’d wake in time to accomplish a marathon styling session. The stress!

Off I went to see Tera at Tek Salon and Spa. I had a lot of questions before I went. Such as:

Q: What’s the difference between Brazilian Blowout and Keratin Treatments?

A: Brazilian Blowout is a trademarked treatment being done at select salons and spas. In a true Brazilian Blowout, hair is washed immediately after being treated and the treatment does not last as long as other types of keratin that require a 3 day wait before washing. I did not have a true Brazilian. I had Coppola Keratin, which I ultimately believe is a better, longer lasting product. Many people use the term Brazilian Blowout to refer to keratin treatments that are not the trademarked one. Ask about what products will be used on you!

Q: What is the deal with formaldehyde?

A: Formaldehyde, while naturally occuring, is nasty stuff. You don’t want it around you or on you, especially in high concentrations. Coppola products, which were used with me, are formaldehyde free. They do contain another “hyde” however. Aldehyde to be specific. All keratin treatments have to have some kind of “hyde” in them for the Keratin to bond with your hair. Aldehyde is not as nasty as Formaldehyde.  Ask about the chemicals that are in whatever product is used on your hair!

Q: What if I don’t want stick straight “flat ironed” looking hair for the next 3-5 months?

A: You’re in luck. It’s a misconception that treatments like this leave you with perfectly FLAT straight hair. The initial flat/smoothness is a byproduct of the flatironing that gets the product to adhere to your hair. After you wash, your own texture comes back a little. You. Only better. While the frizz is gone, some of your wave will remain, particularly if you have curly hair. The good news for those who like it super flat? It’s now possible to get that look “In no time flat”. Flatironing non frizzy hair is super speedy!

Q: Will not washing my hair make me lose my mind?

A: Possibly. I have to be honest, not washing your hair for three days, or putting it up or putting sunglasses on your head is hard. Really hard. Especially when there are chemicals still on/in your hair and you just know they are there.  It was hard for me/ It’s so worth it, though. I suggest scheduling a lot of at home “me” time. You’ll survive. Did you see how gross I was in that video? I did that for you, people! You can do it too.

Q: How often do I need to redo this treatment?

A: Every 3-5 months. It has a cumulative effect and works best if you don’t wait till it is totally gone to repeat.

Q: What do I need to do to maintain this treatment?

A: Avoid salt/chlorine (use a good thick conditioner and leave in before swimming), use a shampoo with Keratin and without sulfates or salt.

Q: Who’s this best for?

A: Anyone with frizzy hair, brittle hair, hard to deal with hair!

Q: Ok, so what about the price. Is it worth it? Would you do it again?


It’s been a few weeks since my treatment and I’m a convert. I feel a little like I did after I had my eyes lasered. A revelation! I was blind. Now I SEE! Whatever was I waiting for? Why didn’t I do this sooner? All that time, energy and money wasted on products, stress, etc. I can now travel without a suitcase, get done in record time and go to sleep knowing I don’t have to wake with the roosters to look halfway decent. This, as silly as it sounds, is LIFE changing hair. If you’ve never struggled with frizzy hair you probably don’t get it. If you have… you probably do. And Keratin treatments will change your life, for the easier.

If you are in Southern California and wish to book an appointment with Tera (who I recommend, you will be in good hands!) mention/click “momfluential” when you book and get 20% off your first treatment.

Disclosure: I received this initial treatment free of charge. I volunteered as a guinea pig. I’ll be paying next time! It’s worth it. I was scared. I was not a believer. I am now. I’m so glad I had the chance to demo this. Big Bar Hair be gone!


  1. says

    OMG you TOTALLY just sold me on that! I googled around and can’t seem to get it done anywhere near me.. I think I may have to go to NY a few days prior to BlogHer just to get this done!! Awesome review!!

  2. says

    Um, so i met ya yesterday after the dinner here at EVO (I had the humunga red flower in mah hair) and I was thinking, “her hair is sassy….THANK GOD I GOT THAT COPPOLA KERATIN TREATMENT so I can stand here and not offend her luxurious locks with my frizz-tastic mane.” Does that treatment not rock???? Lady your hair looks amazing. I’m loving mine too…..better dash. Your session starts in 90……Whoo hoo!

  3. Jaime Huddleston says

    Thanks so much for the adorable video and your comments!! I am getting this treatment done Feb 1st. I am nervous about the 72 hours because I am the ponytail queen because I have kids that I chase all day! But if I can survive boot camp and I think I can survive this!! Thanks again!!

  4. Pshrader says

    Thanks for this video! I’m getting the treatment next week and was wondering what my hair would look like with the treatment on for the three days. This makes me feel a little better. I can do anything for three days, right?

  5. says

    As a professional stylist, I prefer the Cocoa Keratin System and it’s been excellent for the hair and very long lasting.. It includes the pre-treatment shampoo, smoothing treatment, daily shampoo and conditioner. It contains protein and Argan oil so the hair is moisturized and nourished as well as smoothed, strengthened and softened. An excellent treatment for all hair types.

  6. Renata says

    I just attended the Premiere Orlando International Beauty Event and discovered Peter Coppola’s new line of formaldehyde and aldehyde free products called Peter Coppola Keratin Concept, including the Keratin And Ceramide Formaldehyde-Free Treatment and styling products. To learn more about his products go to the Peter Coppola official website

  7. says

    Thank you for this review. I was planning on purchasing this product today. I have very curly hair that has never been chemically straightened or permed


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