The Pumponator

From our fab friends over at The Daily Grommet, here is a find and a deal that is sure to make your summer wetter, wilder and a whole lot more fun. What’s awesome about this find is that the product was designed by a fourth grader. I love stories like that! I also love anything that helps kids do it *themselves*. How many times have I had to drop everything to fill water balloons? Not that I don’t love a good water balloon fight as much as the next gal, but here’s the thing. You fill up a million balloons and five minutes later? You do it all again. Repeat. For hrs. As much as I like my kids to do things themselves, I’m not a fan of kitchen and bathroom floods. We need one of these thingamajings stat. I’m guessing if you have kids in your house, you do too!


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    Thanks for sharing! Thrilled that you are enjoying today’s Grommet. Here’s to water balloon fights and NO more kitchen floods!

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