Chemical Free Sunscreen & Protection for Your Family


We love our beaches here in So. Cal! But we are a fair family. Along with this love comes a serious respect for the sun, and dedication to skin protection. My kids go to summer camp on an island. They are in and out of the water all day long.  We don’t joke about solar…

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No Compromises: My Malabrigo Sweater


Three weeks of knitting. Six movies. Two car-rides. Stitch after stitch. The cool soft wool sliding past my fingertips, adding physical sensation to a dozen conversations and meetings as I synced my busy hands with the nonstop whirring in my mind. And there it was, a disappointing silhouette – hanging halfway down my chest. Too…

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Gift the Experience of a Lifetime with Cloud 9 Living


A few years ago, when I was wringing my hands about talking a family trip vs getting a fancier new car, a friend advised me to take the trip. She pointed out that travel and other experiences are a much better long term investment than things. Here was her reasoning. Experiences are a better investment than…

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Yo Miz! Provides a Look Inside 25 Manhattan Public Schools

Courtesy of

  Concerned about our public schools today? Do you wish you could see what is really going on?  Should experienced teachers be given any consideration with regard to strengths, skills sets and placement when their position is eliminated?   Check out Elizabeth Rose‘s memoir – “Yo Miz!” – a wild ride through the public schools in…

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Planning Epic Family Travel with Eurail


After I graduated from college, I traveled around Europe with a Eurail Pass.For 4 glorious months I wandered. I’d like to say that I flew to England (my point of departure) with a plan but in reality I didn’t have one. Once, I got on a train in Poland and rode all the way to…

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The Big White Ikea Leather Sofa Review


It’s been a year since we purchased our family flagship, the big white leather Karlstad Ikea couch that our family lives on.  At the time we were shopping I crowdsourced advice, and read every review of this couch I could find. I feel like I really need to give back – which is why I…

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How to Make Pan Tomate

How to Make Pan Tomate

If you’ve ever been to Costa Brava Spain, you’ve encountered Pan Tomate. Served at breakfast, lunch and dinner, and for snacks in between, this savory side dish  is simple perfection. It only requires 5 simple, common ingredients to make it. One of those ingredients is tomatoes. How fortunate that my heirloom tomatoes from my garden…

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More Bracelets: My Alex and Ani Collection


Is it ever possible to have too many talismans? I’ve tried to figure out what I love about my Alex and Ani bracelet collection. It’s not the brand named-ness of them. I realize that they will peak and fall out of fashion, probably sooner than later. But in the meantime I will enjoy them. Probably…

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An Easy Beach Day at Salt Creek Beach Near Laguna Beach


My kids are so lucky to be growing up in Southern California. We are just a few miles from Laguna Beach. To many people, this is a vacation paradise. To my kids, this is home. I thought I’d share a little bit about what it’s like live in So Cal and to hit the beach…

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Awesome Kidfluential Shoutout: Casey Maclean


This weekend, on June 27 and 28, Casey MacLean, an ambitious, altruistic 13-year-old aspiring firefighter from Marina Del Rey, CA will ride his bike from Fire Station #62 located at 11970 Venice Blvd in Los Angeles to the Whole Foods Market in  La Jolla, San Diego. Last year, Casey did his first 100 mile ride from Culver City…

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Your Art-y Kiddo Could Win $250 in the TJ Maxx Kids Art Contest

Leo's favorite thing - our family

This week, T.J.Maxx has launched the “Maxx Kids Art Contest” to support organizations that help children in need reach their full potential, such as Save the Children.The contest will run in-store from June 21 through July 11 and 25 winners will be selected. Submissions will be judged based off of the following criteria: originality, creativity, and applicability…

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Safer More Comfortable Earphones for Kids


Has this conversation ever happened to you? “Mom – can I borrow your iPad?” “Sure, but only if you turn down the volume” “But then I can’t hear!” “How about your wear earphones?” “They won’t stay in my ears!” Thanks to Etymotics for providing my son with a set of ETY kids earphones for review….

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I Do: Wedding Season At Don Roberto Jewelers

Don Roberto's Jewelers

I was looking through my photos and came across my wedding picture taken in 1997. The day had come to tie the knot with the man I love. I could not wait to share my  life with him. The special moments and thoughtful wedding gifts will forever be highlighted in my memory book. Don Roberto…

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