Zucchini, Carrot and Blueberry Greek Yogurt Muffins


Hello Momfluential and Foodiefluential readers! I am so thrilled to have been invited to post for Foodiefluential! I love to cook, I love making food pretty, and I am determined to show just how easy it can be to make your own food rather than depending entirely on pre-made/packaged food. This recipe came about this…

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Back to School Outbox Mailbox for Box Tops and More

IMG_9665 (1)

It’s only the first day of school and I’m already drowning in forms to fill out, homework assignments to sign and other assorted papers to send back in to school with the kids. I’m also collecting Box Tops at Walmart this year and after clipping the tiny vouchers off the packages, I don’t want them…

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Stocking up on Goodies For Back To School at Walmart


It’s that time of year again. Back-To-School is its own season and its own countdown. How many days until school starts? I am constantly checking my calendar for deadlines and my to-do lists. I have packets of countless forms to fill out. I have to face the long lines of school registration and my children enrolled at three…

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Must Haves & Expert Opinions From The Baby Gear Show


It is Saturday morning and I have drug my husband out of the house with little to no breakfast to attend The Baby Gear Show at Nordstrom, South Coast Plaza. Walking up to the event, my husband says to me “I better not be the only guy here.” I laugh, thinking to myself it is quite…

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A Back to School Adventure with Fjallraven


I was walking through Nordstrom when I first spied a Fjallraven backpack. Or maybe that was just the first time I saw one for sale, here. There was something so immediately familiar and right about these classic, gorgeously simple backpacks that I felt like I’d know them all my life. If you haven’t taken note…

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Liquid Oxygen Delivers Clear Skin Without Burning or Bleaching


  I have two teenaged daughters, both who have done battle with acne, and both who have skin that is sensitive (in different ways) and prone to outbreaks of one type or another. My older daughter first discovered Liquid Oxygen at Getting Gorgeous in New York. We are frequent flyers at the dermatologist’s office. I…

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EASY Roast Cauliflower Made in an Airfryer – Whole Head!

design (5)

Have you had roast cauliflower? It’s one of those things that sounds so annoyingly healthy but probably not so delicious until you taste it and then think OH MY GAWD. This is good for me? Because it’s I-can’t-stop-eating-it Doritoes good. Go ahead. Pig out. Eat a whole head of Cauliflower. No guilt needed.  I’ve tried…

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My Last Kid’s First Summer at Catalina Island Summer Camp


Three years ago I sent my three oldest kids off to summer camp at Catalina Island Camp.  Camp was such an important and positive part of my childhood, I could not wait for my kids to experience something similar. My youngest, four at the time, watched a little jealously as his siblings sailed off to…

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Best of Knotts Berry Farm – Our Summer Fun Hit List


Looking for some midsummer fun? Check out all that Knotts has to offer this summer!  There’s brand new rides like the Iron Reef (this one is SUPER FUN), Laser Tag and a chance to cool off at Snoopy on Ice – a skating spectacular that pays homage to Hollywood. We recently spent a fun summer…

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Easy Summer Dinners With Philips Airfryer


Summer is my favorite. The long days, the beach, the kids running in and out of the house in search of another packet of waterballoons as I sit here trying to get some work done. I love everything about summer except the fact that it’s usually edging up on 7pm when we all realize that…

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Chemical Free Sunscreen & Protection for Your Family


We love our beaches here in So. Cal! But we are a fair family. Along with this love comes a serious respect for the sun, and dedication to skin protection. My kids go to summer camp on an island. They are in and out of the water all day long.  We don’t joke about solar…

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No Compromises: My Malabrigo Sweater


Three weeks of knitting. Six movies. Two car-rides. Stitch after stitch. The cool soft wool sliding past my fingertips, adding physical sensation to a dozen conversations and meetings as I synced my busy hands with the nonstop whirring in my mind. And there it was, a disappointing silhouette – hanging halfway down my chest. Too…

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Gift the Experience of a Lifetime with Cloud 9 Living


A few years ago, when I was wringing my hands about talking a family trip vs getting a fancier new car, a friend advised me to take the trip. She pointed out that travel and other experiences are a much better long term investment than things. Here was her reasoning. Experiences are a better investment than…

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